At the moment, the SUV segment is by far the most competitive on the US market, and it’s so for a reason as SUVs are easily killing off minivans and wagons. When it comes to practicality, nothing beats a good SUV which offers both the space and unmatched sense of security. So, whether it’s about crossovers, subcompact, compact, mid-sized or full-sized SUVs, companies are battling hard for their fair share of the market. At the moment, there’s more than a hundred SUVs for sale in the USA, and we are here to explore the underdogs, the cars that fly under the radar in spite of their qualities, design and price. So, here’s our list of fifthy best SUVs nobody is buying in the United States.

Toyota Highlander

The Highlander is definitely worth a look if you’re shopping for a 3-row SUV, but be warned that the last row is pretty small. Passengers in the first two rows will ride in comfort with crowd-pleasing amenities that include five USB ports, tri-zone automatic climate control, and available Driver Easy Speak, which amplifies the driver’s voice for rear-seat passengers.The Highlander has an optional V6 engine that won’t let you down, along with a quiet cabin and comfortable first- and second-row seats. However, shoppers in need of a sizable third-row seat or an abundance of storage space may be disappointed.