There is no doubt that pickups are the most iconic and most preferred vehicles in America. Since the start of manufacturing the local companies leaded the market. Today, Japanese companies are also making their way on the market, offering very affordable deals in that segment. We selected a list of contenders based on our research in the North American pickup market and listed them starting from the most competitive to the most costly one. You should keep in mind that the prices for the fully equipped models may vary so they could be much higher depending on the configuration. Let’s start with the list of 2017’s least expensive pickups!

1. Nissan Frontier ($18,390)

Nissan Frontier with its basic design dates to 2005. It’s had few changes since 2009, and a replacement probably won’t arrive for a few more years. It is the only pickup with starting price below $20,000 which makes it the least expensive on the US market. To meet the needs of buyers today, the Frontier offers extended-cab or crew-cab versions, with a base 152-hp 2.5-liter four or optional 261-hp 4.0-liter V-6, a five- or six-speed manual, five-speed automatic, rear-wheel- or all-wheel-drive versions, and trim levels ranging from base to the Baja-inspired Desert Runner. If you choose the double cab  and 5-speed manual transmission the Frontier will cost you $26,000