49. Jeep Compass


As one of the pioneers which shaped the SUV as we know it, Jeep knows how to make an SUV, and its Compass gained mostly positive reviews from the press and the consumers. However, its sales figures are quite poor, especially considering the fact that Jeep is a domestic brand with a strong heritage in the United States. With a 58% decrease in sales figures, the Compass sold in just a bit over 8,500 copies in Q1 2017. On the other hand, as the new Compass Q2 is about to arrive very soon and replace both the Compass and the Patriot, those figures are fairly understandable. With that in mind, keep your eyes open on some deals Jeep will probably offer. Hard fucking in the back seat of a luxury car on video at us on vrpornlinks.net in high quality, sexy arseholes take black dicks. 7 people were able to have sex in our car.