SUVs – Sports Utility Vehicles – are crossover models constructed on a unibody chassis, and have consistently outperformed other body-types in the US new-car market. In every industry segment, these popular models have experienced a greater increase in popularity than any other.  However, this means brands are constantly competing for a greater market share.  As a result, you’ll see plenty of near-identical models out there.  In response to this, manufacturers have been forced to drop their prices to hold onto their piece of the market.

This is great news for buyers because they’ll find superb cars for sale at extremely attractive prices.  The list below features some examples of great SUVs that are trying to stay ahead of the competition by attempting to out-price them.

50. Nissan Murano $29,740

The stylish Nissan Murano has a starting price of $30,000 and that makes it an unbelievably good deal. It offers a great value vs price with its interior, built-in extras and reliability that are usually expected from other brands that are offered from European manufacturers.

Nissan managed to deliver a mix of proper performance and consumer comfort with the Murano. The sleek Murano from Nissan has a base price of just $30,000, so it’s fantastic value for a new car. In terms of features, it’s more than capable of going toe-to-toe with its European counterparts, and comes the flash interior, reliability, and add-ons you’d expect from car twice the price.