SUVs in particular car-based crossover that is built on unibody platforms continue to outperform the overall industry in the U.S. new-vehicle sales market. These popular sport utility models posted the highest increases among all vehicle segments. That is making the competition for the market share even higher. The flexibility that is an SUV’s characteristic led to the adverse result of almost identical cars being produced. The manufacturer’s answer is lowering the prices to be able to keep the market share. That is very good news for all consumers as the quality of the vehicles as has never been better and also they are now available on a profitable price. The following list of SUVs describes a few examples of vehicles that are trying to stay on the market or conquer new ones by simply lowering their prices.

50. Nissan Murano $29,740

The stylish Nissan Murano has a starting price of $30,000 and that makes it an unbelievably good deal. It offers a great value vs price with its interior, built-in extras and reliability that are usually expected from other brands that are offered from European manufacturers.

Nissan managed to deliver a mix of proper performance and consumer comfort with the Murano.