The pace at which consumers are spending their hard-earned money on sport utility vehicles compared to cars and trucks increases every year. The justification for such market growth is clear to many as SUVs bring durability, practicality, and comfort to their everyday lives. Your car is comparable to an extension of your home as you go to and from wherever your travels may take you – SUVs provide such a feeling the most due to the varying styles and models that continue to be innovated. So, when investing in such a product with all of the types out there, the possibilities of what to buy can be overwhelming. However, narrowing it down to what usually matters the most; (fuel) efficiency, size, and capabilities make the buying process much more straightforward.

fuel mileage and power

Fuel Mileage and power

Most importantly before buying an SUV, considering fuel mileage is essential as it can differ widely among all of the models that exist. That being said there are many types of models ranging from full-sized SUVs like the Chevy Suburban, to what’s called subcompact models like the Honda CR-V. Today’s most common modern SUVs reach well above a combined MPG rate of 25 or higher, and manufacturers strive to surpass averages yearly. To those unaware, currently, one of the highest-ranking MPG rates for an SUV is obtained by the diesel 2018 GMC Terrain with MPG stats reaching 28 in the city and 39 on the highway. With today’s technology, those rates also stay the same whether in FWD or AWD, however, differ when it comes to the size of the vehicle and its powertrain. Hybrid SUVs also inclusively have better fuel mileage of course. This can keep you away from any MPG rates within the teens that some larger models can’t beat. Efficiency doesn’t have to always pertain to a vehicles usage of fuel when SUVs can also be efficient with your money spent in other ways. Deeming that your SUV can give you the power to get more passengers around safely to and from your destinations, it also gives you the power of towing torque to get countless jobs done. Sports utility vehicles also give you the advantage of a more durable vehicle which makes them more reliable and versatile, again it differs between models, but that is also how such vehicles put your money to good use. Resulting in a car that’ll put up with varied applications on-road/off-road, longer lifetime, and reliability if properly maintained.

2015 Ford Expedition

Size, comfort, and capability

Size and capabilities basically go hand in hand when determining the other factors that lead to choosing the SUV that is right for you. The number of passengers one would like to be able to seat in their vehicle goes through any buyer’s mind along with the storage capacity. This varies between all models of SUVs, with many typically able to seat up to five, and some having a mid-row of seats increasing that number up to eight. So, try out the seats before buying because many mid-rowed SUV’s can become very cramped for passengers, especially adults. Those that seat up to eight are common alternatives to buying a minivan, but that usually means the vehicle has weaker fuel economy rates as well, especially if the larger vehicle is non-hybrid. All of these things need to be considered before making a purchase.

Obviously, the size of an SUV that seats eight gives you the power to store and carry more within it, especially if the model comes equipped with sufficient storing gadgets and compartments. Keep an eye out for these things and get your hands on them to see their applications in action while test driving the SUV you have your eye on. Also, try to see if these things conform to the possible grime and wear you may be putting your future vehicle through to have sufficient cleanliness to keep frustration at a minimum. The capabilities of a model’s towing capacity also range widely as a higher cylinder engine increases that capacity but compensates its fuel mileage. The two common types of SUVs are car-based and truck-based, car-based being constructed in a way in which the body and frame are bonded together, being a unibody vehicle. Car-based SUVs most commonly have better handling and comfort, whereas truck-based SUVs are not usually as comfortable of a ride but have the power and carrying capacity that a truck brings. Along with the off-road execution that some may be looking for.



Yes, there are a variety of SUVs out there so do in-depth research to find exactly what you’re looking for. As long as you’ve narrowed it down to your desired efficiency, size, and durability you are on the right track. Now once those requirements are met, it is time to get your hands on one. New or used the most significant thing to look out for is the reliability rating, as Eastern manufacturer’s ratings lean towards being very superior. That is not to say neglect the Western or European markets as there are standouts throughout, especially in design. A highly reliable SUV in good condition will stretch the money invested in it for years to come and will provide you with versatility that is unmatched by all vehicles.

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