The SUV market is currently at its global peak and that is a tendency that is going to stay. It became the most viral vehicle segment with a new model being announced almost every day. However to answer the consumers’ needs the manufacturers have neglected the off-road nature of the SUV and started producing more family-like cars that only have the looks of a car that could climb mountains but is actually an everyday family vehicle. It is not a good idea to try any off-road experience with a SUV with front wheel drive and a couple of traction control systems. It is not prepared to go through extreme terrains even though it may look like it is has all it takes. Of course if your SUV is well equipped it will be pleasant and truly satisfying wild driving. The true difference between these machines is what is under the body. The 4×4 SUV should have body on frame construction with the proper 4×4 drivetrain a high body clearance and tough axles and differentials. The urban SUVs are not equipped with any of that but with the sedan and minivan’s construction that offer all-wheel drive. That is the reason we have prepared the below list of SUVs that have the off-road qualities and performance.

1. Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester is a SUV that is entirely equipped and capable of off-road experience. Its flat six engines with a low center of gravity and the very decent all-wheel drive makes it very reliable for a rough ride. The Forester would be able to go through water and mud and stay stable in spite the tough environment. Another important thing about this SUV is it’s the very good on road drivability, comfort and the proper equipment. Its affordability should also be mentioned as a plus with starting price of $23,500. Overall the Frontier would be the best choice for people that occasionally go camping and hiking but still wants a very good on road experience.